David MaWhinney CFP®

Financial Advisor
(801) 609-8085

I love all the cool and creative things that people are doing on the internet. One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my kids seeing what interesting and unique things people are doing online as influencers and content creators. As a Financial Advisor by training I knew that the career path of an online influencer or content creator was not like the traditional career path. After 9 years working and studying all things Financial Planning I decided to break out of the world of large investment houses and become a fully independent Personal Financial Advisor. I knew I could help online influencers and content creators with their unique challenges and situations. I knew I could help them live their life how they want and aligning their money with their dreams. Utilizing an academic and evidence based approach to investing and money management I am able to help ensure a prosperous and fulfilling life for all those that I work with. I’d love to get to know you and where you want to go in life. Don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation where we can get acquainted and discover what we can do together!